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Our Approach

Our Approach

The Problem: poor mental health management will lead to more sickness, longer absences and increased pressure on staff

Mental ill health is a major cause of employee absence. It disrupts work, reduces productivity and increases resource risks. Employers have need to improve mental health strategies to protect employees and avoid operational risks, but Employee Assistance Schemes aren’t enough. Forward-thinking employers want to address mental health, but often don’t know where to start.

The Solution: an evidence-based mental health strategy and action plan

Bamboo provides clear, expert advice for organisations interested in improving staff care and resilience. We assess HR policies, procedures and internal engagement, and we talk to employees to understand their experience of mental health at work. We research the impact of mental ill health on your organisation and, based on the evidence, provide a roadmap to improve employee wellbeing and operational resilience. This is what we call a mental health review. The aim of the review is to help your organisation identify and implement an effective and sustainable mental health strategy. All reviews are tailored to your needs.

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The Bamboo Approach

We collaborate closely with HR managers, occupational health and senior leaders to gain an in-depth understanding of your company’s culture and practices when it comes to mental health. We’ll help you set your support at the right level. It shouldn’t be resource-heavy, and will cost significantly less than your absences.

This is how we do it:

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Our Research

Our approach is informed by the research we’ve done with Time to Change and by our experts own research areas and experience. Go to Our People to find out more about our individual expertise, and see Why Mental Health to learn more about what we’ve learnt.

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