Why choose Bamboo Mental Health?

Founded in 2015, Bamboo Mental Health is an award-winning mental health collaborative providing strategic, evidence-based plans to HR professionals and senior leaders. We’ll work with you to improve employee resilience and reduce employee absence.

We help employers improve staff care and improve corporate and employee resilience. We are a professional collective with experts in workplace mental health, HR, occupational health, organisational development and communications.

Our team of experts collaborate with you to provide specialist consultancy to help employers keep employees well and at work.

Our approach is informed by our extensive field research – with Mind, Time to Change and our private client experience. That’s data from thousands of employee surveys, hundreds of HR policies and personal stories from employees.

What we do best…

We’re caring. We collaborate and guide employers on mental health.

We’re independent. That gives you and your staff confidence.

We’re discreet. There’s no test, no score, no public index.

We’ll simplify this complex topic by using evidence and a clear process to inform strategy.

We get all sides of the story: employer and employee. We find the sweet spots and make the risks and opportunities clear.

We help employers meet their moral, legal and human performance objectives. This protects your people and risks.

Who we work with:

  • HR managers and professionals
  • Head of HR
  • Occupational health
  • Health and Safety
  • Senior leaders

Industries we’ve worked with:

  • Construction
  • NHS
  • Legal
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Local government
  • Education
Our Experts
We’re a collaborative of highly-respected business, HR and mental health consultants. We’re very nice people to work with. And we’re very good.
Case Studies
We’re proud to have worked with 30 employers across the UK. Click on the link below to read some of our recent case studies.