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About Tom

Tom set up Bamboo Mental Health back in 2013 – he’s one of the original independent Wellbeing Consultants and has worked with Time to Change, Mind and is a trained Mindful Employer (NHS) trainer.

Now he has more than a decade of experience working with business leaders, HR and Health & Safety Managers at more than 45 organisations from PLCs to charities.

A catalyst for culture change

As a TEDx speaker, his 2018 mental health talk has impacted more than 700,000 viewers. In 2023 was also moderator and speaker at three events at the 23rd World Health & Safety Congress in Sydney, including Psychological Safety at Work and Caring for our People.

He is also personally committed, offering generous support for charities, coaching senior leaders and HR professionals undergoing compassionate culture change.

Tom has his own lived experiences of work-related mental health, and fighting his way back to health twenty years ago when very few people were talking about mental health at work.

His personal and professional experiences drive his belief that, “Any employer can support every employee on mental health.” They just need to be shown how.

Tom is one of the best mental health coaches that I’ve had the pleasure of working with as an employer.

Managing director

Tom believes that EVERY organisation can support ANY employee – they just need to be shown how.

Industry Experience

Tom’s empathy, passion and expert consultancy has trained thousands of employees across industries including construction, food production, utilities, manufacturing, education, financial services and engineering.  


Tom’s methodologies are deeply rooted in evidence-informed practices, derived from around 500 lived experience interviews and insights gleaned from thousands of data lines sourced from mental health surveys. Such comprehensive understanding enables Tom to offer invaluable advice and consultancy services to clients spanning the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, and the US.

He has also reviewed numerous HR policies and processes – creating authentic and practical change among business who want to protect their brand, while attracting and retaining talent.

“I remember when you first talked to me about mental health in the workplace which then didn’t seem to have much relevance. How wrong I was, how visionary you were, how grateful we all are for what you have done to help us through the pandemic in particular and life in general. “

Air Ambulance CEO