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From the TEDx spotlight to the factory floor, global conferences to toolbox talks, Tom delivers memorable talks with warmth, empathy – and some very powerful stories.

Tom’s talks hit positive notes – as he creates safe spaces for employee engagement. He had a head for stats, humour and draws from a decade of industry experience. His expert speaker talks offer moving examples and clear advice.

Proper professional, comprehensible to all, you’re not using loads of bullshit language, you make perfect sense, it flows really well, you’re subtly funny here and there, without any ego whatsoever.

NHS Children’s Services

“You were just the speaker we needed to wake people up after lunch – brilliant!”

During the pandemic, he gave more than 140 online sessions workplaces to help manage mental health and assist HR teams with their Covid wellbeing responses.

His TEDx Talk, Workplace Mental Health – What you need to know (for now) has amassed nearly ¾ million views on TED.com and Youtube.

In 2023 he was asked to speak at three events at the 23rd World Health and Safety Congress in Sydney.

Using exercises, videos and a stress-indicating paperclip, Tom is a creative and memorable wellbeing speaker. From away days to conferences, he’s presented on oil refinery, a cathedral pulpit, primary classrooms and in the grounds of a country house.

Tom is a top presenter at interactive online wellbeing workshops. He’s worked with leadership teams, on team wellbeing talks and expert conference keynotes.

He believes the magic of a good talk comes when you can feel the audience come to life – to really feel it in their bones.

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“I think you are very experienced knowledgeable speaker. You’re professional, fun and interactive keeping your audience paying attention. You have shared great knowledge and helpful tips easy applicable for anyone almost anywhere.”