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Mental Health Films

A brilliant short film mini-series about mental health at work – available for licence now

“No words… These are phenomenal.”

Tom has written and produced a series of mental health films – to employers can offer manager guidance and wellbeing support to their teams via training or HR pages.

The short mini-series has enjoyed industry acclaim from Birmingham to Australia.

The camera work is professional, and the content strong enough to affect culture change. At 9-16 mins, the films go deeper than the tik-tok bitesize snippets (we also produce these too!) The films have been described as, “engaging, topical, practical.”

What a great video. Really clear, helpful advice on how to hold people and help people when they are struggling. Really important when we often avoid conversations when we feel we don’t have the answers for someone.

HR Director, Professional Services
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What have the films been used for?

Employers across construction, food, education, healthcare, financial services, highway management, architecture and a medical charity all bought the one-off license – so teams can view them at any time. They have been used for safety briefings, internal wellbeing communications, and top up to training courses.

This helpful mental health mini-series is another proof-point to your people that you’re there for them. Every time you communicate on mental health, it’s a lifeboat that someone might climb into downstream.

Mental Health Films

“Practical, down to earth and incredibly useful. A very rare combination indeed!”

HR Leader