Mental Health Research, Training and Consultancy for Businesses

Our experienced trainers provide award-winning coaching to empower managers with relevant and meaningful advice to support their teams on mental health.

We understand your business needs, as well as the individuals you employ. We write that into our teaching. We avoid hazardous condition-led training.

We reach deeper – and use real examples from our field research to hit home.

Evidence-based consultancy

This subject isn’t always easy but we need to be brave to tackle mental health in the workplace and make change happen. That’s why we use an evidence-based approach to set authentic strategies.

Bamboo has a team of highly experienced researchers, who undertake in-depth and collaborative reviews to inform strategy, using qualitative, quantitative and experiential, evidence to create relevant plans that last.

Our methodology works. We’ve used it within 20 organisations across public, private and third sectors.

We will be honest about what we see, and what needs to happen. That requires bravery. To make a call when things aren’t right. It’s what we teach our managers. It’s what clients can expect from us.

Mental Health Training

For most organisations we review, there are roles for managers, leaders and individuals to create safe places to speak up and support people. That’s where engagement workshops and training can help.

The primary focus is creating safe places to talk, which enables people to speak up, get help and stay well at work.  

Mental Health for Managers

We offer half day or full day training sessions for managers to learn:

  • How to identify signs of poor mental health
  • How to approach employees and lead a safe conversation
  • How to signposting support
  • How to seek support or step back
  • How to manage absence and return.

“It’s the course I wish I’d been on 30 years ago at the start of my managerial career.”
ccountancy Firm Partner

We use real stories, experiential learning and lively debate to get the key points across. We don’t try and turn people into half-baked therapists. But we do teach them clarity on mental health. We also equip them to respond well, look after themselves and support their teams with empathy.

Engagement Workshops

Leaders who talk about mental health universally gain respect.

Our workshops or in-meeting sessions are suitable for Boards, SLTs, Professional Partners, Senior Managers, HR Teams and Supervisors.

  • Engaging and experiential workshop with videos, real life case studies and extraordinary insight from employers and employees
  • Managers will feel confident to spot the signs, how to step in, support and signpost the right help
  • We promise you’ll see mental health in a different light – useful at work and in family life.

One-hour Mental Health Awareness Session

Suitable for all staff of all levels – a fun, entry-level hour to get the conversation going in the workplace:

  • Our 1-hour ‘taster’ workshops are all about talking, understanding the basic issues and a little about personal wellbeing;
  • A PowerPoint free learning for all staff in any location – be it call centre, classroom or construction site.

At the end of the one-hour session, individual employees will know the common conditions, watch for warning signs, know the support choices and be mindful of their own wellbeing choices. It inspires awareness, self-care and encourages asking for help, when it’s needed.

After Care

After we’ve made our recommendations and conducted the training, your team will have a plan to independently implement our strategies in your workplace.

However, we won’t just disappear. If you need us, we can provide ad hoc or pre-arranged support to reassess progress or provide further support. Whether that’s a few weeks later or a few years down the line.

Let the Bamboo Mental Health Team work with you to review your business. We offer mental health training, engagement workshops and sessions to support you and your employees.