Meet our mental health workplace heroes

Our team consists of a unique mix of business, communications and HR professionals working closely with mental health professionals and psychologists. This combination of business acumen coupled with mental health expertise is vital for effective workplace solutions.

As an independent organisation that operates impartially, we value our collective of mental health experts. They work autonomously yet collaboratively to offer our clients a cutting-edge approach to wellbeing in the workplace.

Lead Consultant & Relationship Director
Tom is our workplace mental health strategist and chief trainer. He runs Bamboo. He has provided consultancy to Mind and Time to Change, and has reviewed more than 25 organisations, including 200 lived experience interviews and information from 20,000 survey responses. He regularly engages at board and partner level, but also loves training managers and staff. He creates much of our training material, organises the Christmas party and has given a TEDx Talk, which you can view here.
Lead Consultant and Psychologist
Helen is our reputed Lead Consultant. She has worked with Mind and Time to Change conducting mental health reviews across industry sectors since 2011. She advises organisations on developing positive mental health cultures and conducted her Doctorate research project on managing mental health conditions in the workplace. Helen also works for the NHS as a Psychologist and advises on leadership and organisational development issues. She co-wrote Time to Change’s report Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces and provides strategic advice for Bamboo and others.
Engagement Specialist and Coach
Michelle is a trained and experienced coach and facilitator and has extensive experience of delivering training. She has previously delivered open and in-house mental health for managers courses, as well as introduction to mental health and wellbeing workshops. Michelle works with companies to help them to develop and embed wellbeing within their organisations. She is committed to supporting companies, through proactive and positive engagement, to becoming people-satisfaction centred.
HR Specialist
Sue is a seasoned HR professional known for delivering targeted, cost effective, and meaningful HR solutions. She has experience across a broad range of sectors, including corporate, charity, and public. Sue’s expertise spans design and implementation of wellbeing programmes and policies, provision of stress risk assessment, services and other employee relations initiatives.
Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner
With a specialism in mental health, Stuart is a Chartered Health and Safety specialist with nearly two decades experience in helping organisations of all sizes to protect their people and property. Stuart also supports organisations at every level, including board level. Wherever this support is focused, the core value remains the same - helping organisations understand how to look after their people better.
Education and Professional Trainee Resilience Specialist
David has a very clear vision – to proactively do something about the number of young teachers and other newly-qualified professionals walking away from work. With this in mind, he has developed a series of materials to support them (especially teachers in schools) and to nurture their resilience. David works with a number of teacher-training institutions and with schools themselves, to support the good work that they already offer, but to add something different. This ‘third space’ is where feelings and emotions can be spoken about and understood. Recalibrating mindsets so they are best placed to rise to the challenges that the classroom can bring.

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