Workplace Mental Health Tools

On this page you'll find some useful documents and guides that you can read and download directly.

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Researching mental health for your organisation? Use these helpful PDFs for the most useful information on mental health in the workplace:

Thriving at Work
Thriving at Work
Government guidance from the Stevenson Farmer Review.
CIPD Outlook Survey on Mental Health
CIPD Outlook Survey on Mental Health
Employee views on working life.
Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces - Time to Change
Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces
By Dr Helen Ferris-Baker & Tom Oxley.
HSE Stree Indicator Survey Tool
Stress Indicator Tool
Yes, your organisation should be on top of this - if not, we can help!
Wellness Action Plans - Mind
Wellness Action Plans
A guide on action planning for post-absence from Mind.
Mental Health First Aid
Summary of the Effectiveness in the Workplace.
Bamboo makes a tangible difference. Find out how we’ve helped organisations improve mental health in their workplace.